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notes from the road:

Our Mission: Take Flat Stanley to the San Diego Wild Animal park.

Our Plan: Drive down the night before, stay 1 night in Escondido and see the movie, Madegascar, wake up and check out early in order to get to the Park when it opens

Mom's class is participating in an activity with the book: Flat Stanley. The main character gets squished, and finds he can fit in an envelope. All of the kids in Mom's class made flat versions of themselves, and sent them to friends/relatives across the country. I was given a Stanley to take along with me to the Animal Park and document Stanley's adventure.

Chris and I left on the afternoon of the 28th and stopped by his parents' house on the way. There, I managed to get Chester to pose for a photo with Flat Stanley.

At the Park:

  • Fed ducks
  • Fed a catfish (it came to the surface and ate the duck food!)
  • Fed a giraffe (yucky tongue)
  • Went on 50 min tram ride. Yaye!

The Park was beautiful! If you visit, be sure to bring your walking shoes. :)